Dementium 3 Announcement!

Everyone has been asking for it so here it is! DTG is excited to announce that Dementium 3 for the 3DS is underway! Rated E for Everyone as the series was originally intended, we have put the “bright” back into “Bright Dawn Treatment Center” so that everyone from little kids to their grandmas can enjoy the game.

It is an exciting time in the Dementium series to be able to create the game as it was first envisioned. Thanks to technology finally getting to the point where we can render the softest fur and real-time light refraction code to display breath-taking rainbows, we can take that hard edge off the visuals we were forced to do in the original games.

Here is a tease at the list of some the exciting new things you will find in D3:

! Finally learn the secret behind William Redmoor’s relationship to his trusted family Doctor
! Unlock William’s wife and daughter as playable Characters in the all new Multiplayer “Play Date” Mode
! Face off against all new enemies like the Tickle Monster and the Cuddle Beast as you play hide-n-seek in the flowery fields behind Bright Dawn
! Collect Lolly-pops to gain a Sugar Rush which allows you to run faster and hug tighter
! Solve fun Puppy Picture Puzzles to gain access to secret Rainbow Rooms full of power-ups
! Collect and trade “Dementiumals“, colorful creatures you can use in fun “everyone is a winner” competitions